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One of the best ways to assure the future success of your business is by choosing the form which suits your needs and goals. An initial free consultation with our attorneys takes the guess work out of the process.

It takes quick thinking and thorough planning to take advantage of a business opportunity. At Global Law Review mentors we know how important it is to respond quickly to our business client’s needs. Whether your business venture is in its start-up phase or well established, skilled and affordable legal counsel is needed to prevent legal liability and protect valuable assets.

  • Incorporation
  • Entity Restructuring
  • LLC’s and LLP’s
  • Business Purchase and Sale
  • Business Formation
  • Solution-Driven Dispute Resolution
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Start-Up
  • Corporate Entity Maintenance
  • Employment Contracts
  • Non-Competition and Confidentiality Agreements


The advantages of establishing a legal entity by fully incorporating are many. As a legal entity, a corporation has the same rights and responsibilities as person. A corporation also enjoys major tax deductible benefits, life, and health insurance and retirement plan tax deductions. When you incorporate, the company’s shareholders are only liable for the money they have invested in the corporation, while their personal assets are fully protected.

Entity Restructuring

In today’s turbulent economy, many companies are faced with the decision to restructure their “C” or “S” corporation re-form as a limited liability corporation. Global Law Review mentors helps with the thoughtful and careful planning needed during the transition in order to minimize the impact on all the stakeholders involved in a company’s success.

LLC’s and LLP’s

As an investment and business planning structure or as an estate planning vehicle, the limited liability corporation (LLC) offers many advantages, particularly for real estate ventures which include corporations and trusts.  A limited liability partnership (LLP) offers similar advantages to an LLC in that partners enjoy greater flexibility in organizing their company’s management structure and limiting the individual partners’ responsibility for the debts of the business.

Business Purchase and Sale

Buying or selling a business can be filled with complex legal, financial and personal issues. Whether you buy or sell, every decision requires careful consideration. Global Law Review mentors can help you steer a safe and sure path through that decision making process of buying or selling your business and its assets,  we can help you avoid common pitfalls and create fair contract terms.

Business formation

We help our clients choose the form of business best suited to their needs  including forming a corporation, limited liability corporations and partnerships.

Solution-driven dispute resolution

Employment disputes, problems with suppliers, customers, or shareholders need not cripple or disrupt business operations. Global Law Review mentors have attorneys who are involved in Civil Collaborative Practice which employs a reasoned approach to dispute resolution.

Commercial litigation

When litigation cannot be prevented, our attorneys provide years of successful courtroom experience. No matter the nature of the lawsuit, we leave nothing to chance when protecting our client’s interests.


At your initial consultation, we will cover entity formation, tax ID numbers, registrations, local licensing and zoning requirements, identifying possible legal threats and opportunities.

Corporate Entity Maintenance

Once you have formed your business entity, State law requires you to maintain certain records and meet particular requirements in order to keep your tax advantages. Global Law Review mentors provides affordable Annual Maintenance Services beginning on the first anniversary of incorporation.

Employment contracts

Global Law Review mentors helps you keep your mind on growing your business by providing cost-effective advice on issues of employment and labor law. By drafting agreements and employee manuals, we can keep you out of court and prevent employment disputes for disrupting business.

Non-Competition and Confidentiality Agreements

When drafting Non-Competition and Confidentiality Agreements, Global Law Review mentors understand your need to protect your company’s goodwill or trade secrets. We will help you protect your legitimate business interests and advise you in optimal ways to take reasonable measures maintaining your competitive edge.

Bankruptcy attorneys are also an interesting subset of the legal community with whom to discuss. A dallas bankruptcy lawyer has the opportunity to view lives which are broken each day. They see sobering reminders to what can happen in an instant to businesses and families. Many of these families are prepared for a rainy day but still are hit too hard to recover financially. Others, such as business have strained their finances in an attempt to remain in business. Regardless, there are options in bankruptcy for those families and business which either need a fresh start, or who need help catching up back payments in order to move forward.